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Keto Diet Calories

Do Calories Matter on a Keto Diet?

October 02, 2018 9 min read 16 Comments

The ketogenic diet first gained fame through its effectiveness for weight loss. The high-fat, low-carb diet promotes nutritional ketosis–a normal metabolic state marked by moderate levels of ketones in the blood. But do all calories matter on a keto diet?
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Keto Paleo Carnivore Diets

Keto, Paleo, Carnivore… Could There Be a Better Universal Snack?

August 05, 2018 3 min read 9 Comments

Special diets are on the rise. Consumers are paying more attention to what they eat and what makes up what they eat. Considering these diets, could there be a better universal snack then BLOK Biltong?
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BLOK Biltong History

Why Did I Start Blok Biltong?

August 05, 2018 3 min read 8 Comments

Biltong has always been a very important part of my family's diet and we consume it religiously as the health-forward, convenient, high-protein, delicious snack that either fills in the gaps between main meals or it features as part of our active and social lifestyles. Biltong is an every-occasion snack.
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So What Is Biltong Anyway?

So What Is Biltong Anyway?

August 05, 2018 3 min read 2 Comments

Biltong comes from the Dutch words Bil (meaning rump) and tong (meaning strip), literally rump strips or rump steaks. Biltong is an artisanal cool air-dried meat snack that originated in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia) in the 17th century from a need to safely preserve meat. 
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