Keto, Paleo, Carnivore… Could There Be a Better Universal Snack?

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Keto Paleo Carnivore Diets

Special diets are on the rise. Consumers are paying more attention to what they eat and what makes up what they eat. Most importantly and according to a national survey, consumers are more “sugar conscious” with up to 22% of consumers pointing to the need to reduce their sugar intake. People are more educated on the makeup of food and on what is healthy thanks to the far-reaching power of social media and people are starting to view food as medicine to actually fight against inflammation and other digestive or physical ailments brought about either directly or indirectly by their eating habits.

Three of the more prominent diets that have risen to the top recently are Keto, Paleo and Carnivore. While being different in nature which we will discuss below briefly, at their core they all are low sugar and low carb – meaning they fit nicely into the survey results of “sugar conscious” consumers.

Lets touch on the concept of the three diets below briefly before we highlight how BLOK Biltong is a universal snack that could serve as the foundation snack of any of these diets. 


The Paleolithic, Paleo, or caveman diet focuses on consumption of foods available to humans in the Paleolithic era and prior to the Neolithic revolution. The diet focuses on including vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meat and excluding foods typically associated with modern agriculture and processed foods such as dairy, sugar, legumes, processed oils, alcohol, etc.

The following are great resources of where to learn more about Paleo:


Fat burner not sugar burner.

The Ketogenic, Keto, or low carb high fat (LCHF) diet is just that, a diet based on the premise that the body is more efficient at burning fat than having to burn sugar for fuel and energy. Dr. Anthony Gustin of PerfectKeto has a great write-up of the basis and science behind the diet. The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb based diet. The idea is that the body is conditioned to relying on fat and putting the body into a state of ketosis wherein the liver produces ketones that are used as the main source of energy. The optimal calorie balance from macronutrients for a Keto diet are 75-80% fat, 20-25% protein and 5-10% carbs. 

Take a look at the following resources to learn more about Keto:


The carnivore diet is one based on where all the constituents of the diet are animal-based. This includes meat, fish, whole eggs, dairy, bone marrow, tallow/lard, salt and pepper. Similar to the Ketogenic diet described by Dr. Anthony Gustin (PerfectKeto), the Carnivore Diet relies on the fat from the animal products you eat for energy. Again this diet is free of any carbs and sugar.

More info here:

In summary, diets are primarily ruled by ideology and I am not proposing or recommending one diet above another but as an experienced professional in the food industry I am driven by science and physiology in making my own decisions and all of these diets particularly Keto and Carnivore make the most sense to me. They both exclude carbs and sugars and focus on healthy fats and protein. Being that we are nation of serial snackers, it is fortunate that we have a snack like Blok Biltong that can factor as a foundational snack in these very regimented diets. It is possible to have convenience, great flavor, and most importantly health in one snack. Eat Blok Biltong. Snack better my friends!

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