Why Did I Start Blok Biltong?

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BLOK Biltong History

Biltong has always been a very important part of my family's diet and we consume it religiously as the health-forward, convenient, high-protein, delicious snack that either fills in the gaps between main meals or it features as part of our active and social lifestyles. Biltong is an every-occasion snack.

So why did I Start Blok Biltong. Well you can see from the picture above (that's me in red as a child growing up in Zimbabwe), I needed all the help I could get filling in that wiry frame right? :-) Sharing is caring as the saying goes and truly we love sharing something we are passionate about. For the last 20 years since coming to the US from South Africa I have been making biltong in a home-made drying cabinet to share with my friends and family. The joy of introducing people to the exotic snack still excites me today. Its always fun to hear people pronounce the name biltong and watch them raise their eyebrows skeptically when I tell them that it is strides ahead of the jerky they have been eating for years from a taste, tenderness and health standpoint. It almost seems too good to be true right? Wrong. It is just that.

Three things hold true.....

  1. Meat consumption has been going up steadily over the years (with an average per capita consumption of just about 270 lbs - World Resources Institute: 2018 Will See High Meat Consumption in the US).
  2. The snack category has been rapidly growing over the last 10 years - Nielson: Individual Snacking Categories on the Rise.
  3. Health trends and diets are emerging rapidly - Washington Post: Food Tribes on the rise and American Fitness: Special Diets on the Rise.

So the question is why would we not bring the amazing convenience, taste, tenderness and nutrition of biltong to the masses. There is no good answer for that.

So here comes our wow factor, our TNT – tasty, nutritious, tender. The minimal standard that we want people to accept for their snacking occasions. Snacking has often been viewed as a guilty pleasure that none of us are willing to give up as it gives us a moment of pleasure in our otherwise chaotic and regimented lives. Yet there is no need to compromise the desire for being healthy and still enjoying a snack when you have a snack that achieves everything you need: satiety, nutrition, taste and convenience. Blok Biltong is here to offer you that.

My dad actually got me into making biltong when I came to the US. Throughout my childhood biltong was always there, I never even considered a time when it would not feature in my diet. After arriving in the US and realizing that jerky simply would not fit the bill for a highly nutritious and tasty snack I reached out to my dad who was still in South Africa and making amazing biltong. Three generations of family recipes later and I was spinning samples in my own home-made drying cabinet. After sharing the Stopforth-family crafted biltong with my friends and family in the US did I realize the opportunity to bring better snacking to more people.

Blok Biltong is equally as great as part of  charcuterie plate for social, a quick power-up before or after exercising, or as a foundation snack for Paleo, Keto or Carnivore diets.

With the re-emergence of health consciousness and low carb diets and the growing trend of snacking during the day, it is a great opportunity to introduce this much-loved and enjoyed snack to the market. Blok Biltong is equally as great as part of  charcuterie plate for social, a quick power-up before or after exercising, or as a foundation snack for Paleo, Keto or Carnivore diets. Enjoy it as you choose but snack better my friends!


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